While talk therapy has worked for many individuals, most of us survivors know we are tired of talking. You will notice that our therapy does not involve talk therapy. We do not ignore the benefits of talk therapy; however, we know that talk therapy does not always provide everyone with adequate resources. Giving a multitude of services provides independent coping skills for everyone. We should provide as many resources as possible to ensure proper aftercare of every child suffering from trauma.

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy, also known as Equine Assisted Healing, has been used for many years to support survivors of trauma, people who have PTSD, and those with special needs. Equine Therapy is known to help clients regain confidence in their bodies and learn to relax and trust again as they work with horses. Equine Therapy may also help with common trauma symptoms like relationship challenges, trust issues, hypervigilance, body autonomy, and post-traumatic stress. Crime Victim Center of Erie County also provides Equine Therapy to survivors and witnesses of trauma to help cope with the aftermath in Erie, Pa.

Our Equine Therapy Program is ran by John Lambert. If you have questions regarding the program please contact John at 317-442-1429

Our Current Horse Leaders are:

Whitney Sink

Autumn Mills

Destiny Liscomb

Kimberly Short-Taylor

Art Therapy

Art Therapy can create a safe space for a creative outlet for trauma and providing a healthy coping skill. When we experience trauma, our brain is affected. Trauma reduces activity in the Broca area of the brain that affects speech, making it difficult to talk about trauma(Blue Knot Foundation, 2020). To help understand how art therapy can be beneficial, we need to understand that speech expression isn’t always possible.

Clients can use art as a therapeutic escape from the mental and emotional stress caused by trauma. Our program will provide Process Art Therapy, which is a more child led process. There is no right or wrong direction. Using the art tools to express emotions, creativity, and inspire critical thinking while embracing the idea that mistakes happen and learning to navigate them.